About CalypsoCarry

Calypso Carry is the first fashionable concealed carry wear company for women. Our clothing line allows you to carry your concealed weapon safely and intelligently without sacrificing fashion or comfort.

Who is Calypso Carry? We are the answer to blank looks on the faces of salesmen, the repartee to empty shelves in retail stores, the rejoinder for fashion-conscious females everywhere. We are exclusive concealment at affordable prices.

Calypso Carry designs, develops, and sells fashionable carry wear for women. The seed was first planted years ago when our very own April realized that nothing she wore could be combined with traditional concealed carry techniques. She, too, witnessed that deer-in-the-headlight response to the question, “Do you have concealed carry wear for women?” Thus began a quest to achieve independence, strength, and safety through intelligent yet fashionable carry wear. And, thus, Calypso Carry was born. Celebrate the birth of intelligent carry wear for women. Carry Safe; Carry Smart. Calypso Smart.

  • Calypso Carry LLC: Empowering women through concealed carry wear
  • Located in Idaho, USA
  • Contact sales at sales@calypsocarry.com
  • Contact our fashion designer at april@calypsocarry.com, or
  • Contact Calypso, herself, at calypso@calypsocarry.com.
  • Follow us on Twitter @CalypsoCarry

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